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International Day of Cooperatives 2021

International Day of Cooperatives 2021

The 2021 Theme

3 July 2021 marks the International Day of Co-operatives (#CoopsDay) which will be celebrated under the theme of "Rebuild Better Together".

Co-operatives around the world will showcase how they are meeting the COVID-19 pandemic crisis with solidarity and resilience and offering communities a people-centred and environmentally just recovery.

Consumer co-ops worldwide can proudly present their wide array of solutions to the challenges brought by the pandemic, such as maintaining supply chains and keeping our hundreds of thousands of stores open, feeding our 75,000,000 members and their local communities, providing medical and hygiene apparel and equipment, facilitating home deliveries, caring for the vulnerable groups in our societies, informing the wider public of the spread of the virus and providing useful tips to maintaining safety and care, donations to medical facilities and various support measures to all the frontline heroes, including retail staff. 

#CoopsDay will be the central occasion to showcase to the world how a human-centred business model, sustained by the co-operative values of self-help and solidarity and the ethical values of social responsibility and concern for community, can reduce inequality, create shared prosperity and respond to the immediate impacts of COVID-19.

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About the International Day of Cooperatives

Marked by cooperatives worldwide since 1923 and officially proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on the centenary of the ICA in 1995, the International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July.

The aim of #CoopsDay is to increase awareness of cooperatives and promote the movement's ideas of international solidarity, economic efficiency, equality, and world peace. Since 1995, the ICA and the United Nations through the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC) have jointly set the theme for the celebration of #CoopsDay.

This year’s celebration will be the 27th International Day of Cooperatives recognized by the United Nations and the 99th International Cooperative Day.

Through #CoopsDay, local, national and global policymakers, civil society organisations and the public in general can learn about the contribution of cooperatives to a just future for all.