Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW)


Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW) unites, represents, and defends the interests of 26 national organizations of consumer co-operatives around the globe, which represent 75 million individual members, and which register a combined total annual turnover of more than 500 billion EUR.

Creating benefits for the members is the basis of all CCW operations. Thus, the Organisation strives:

  • To initiate and encourage discussion on the crucial problems of consumer co-operatives, e.g. consumer policy, membership, business development etc.
  • To communicate information to ICA members and to other appropriate organisations. The organisation must collect and disseminate information on matters of relevance for consumer co-operatives, and advise in connection with the establishment of new consumer co-operatives.
  • To collaborate with other appropriate ICA structures including the Central Office, the Regions, sectoral organisations and thematic Committees.
  • To represent, on behalf of the ICA, consumer co-operative interests to other international co-operative or non-co-operative organisations.
  • To set the global strategy, co-ordinate and support the regional consumer co-operative sectoral structures in their work on all issues relevant for the participating members.
  • To publish information and results of work accomplished by the Organisation via ICA publications press released and other efficient means.
  • To contribute to the effective implementation of the objectives of CCW, participating members are encouraged to be affiliated to regional sectoral structures where they exist.