Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW)

Business Model

Responsible and Sustainable Enterprises

Consumer co-operatives have adopted modern techniques in order to create undertakings which are the most suitable to render a high quality service. Today, Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide unites 26 national member organisations, which serve and represent over 75 million consumer-members around the world through their extensive national networks of sales points; ranging from the local shop, often the last remaining store for the community in certain remote regions, to the hypermarket and shopping centre in urban areas.

On the retail market, consumer co-operatives are a major actor. Put together, the global annual turnover of CCW members amounts to more than 500 billion euros.

Stemming from their values, any activities of consumer co-operatives are naturally based on the principle of Social Responsibility. While emphasis is placed on satisfying the needs and expectations of the members, consumer co-operatives favour a sustainable approach towards the activities of production and distribution taking into account the sustainable development of local communities, environmental concerns, and the health and safety of consumers.