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CCU Opens “Sweetest” Store Yet

CCU Opens “Sweetest” Store Yet

Choco Coop – a real chocolate fantasyland – opened its doors to Sofia’s public on 07.02.2019.

CCU’s latest addition to the national co-op retail chain is located several steps away from the Coop Hotel in the centre of Sofia, and it is the first store specializing in chocolate craftsmanship. It offers a wide variety of handmade sweet goodies by in-house recipes, as well as a rich selection of special co-op wines. Choco Coop is not an ordinary confectionary store – it targets customers with the most exquisite taste requirements. The selection of wines provides an easy way to complete a memorable gift for friends or for a corporate occasion.

Customers have the option of customizing their chocolate experience for no more than 10-minutes with the help of friendly in-store staff who assist in selecting the appropriate ingredients according to the client’s taste preferences. The in-store production is handled by a master-chocolatier and clients may observe the whole process while having a cup of fantastic hot chocolate or a tasting of the special co-op wines in a truly comfy environment.

CCU hopes that Choco Coop will answer all chocolate lovers’ dreams, as well as make its clients’ special occasion even more memorable!