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ICA President Message: COVID-19

ICA President Message: COVID-19

Dear Members and Friends,

In these difficult times, I would like to express my solidarity with all ICA members, and in particular with all those who are going through a painful and containment period.

The emergency we find ourselves in and the measures enacted by the national authorities to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pose a great challenge to our communities and to the cooperatives that play an important role in them.

For the good of the communities, we must all demonstrate intelligence and great composure to face not only the health risk, but also the general functioning of our enterprises and activities.

Many cooperatives have already reorganized the way they work. The ICA offices did the same. I would like to commend the efforts you have made within your respective organisations.

It is clear that we will adapt our actions according to the provisions prescribed by the competent authorities to best contribute to the protection of people as we have always done.

In the cooperative movement, we know that "the experience of the other" based on values such as respect, listening, acceptance, empathy, mutual aid, good will, responsibility, solidarity, good citizenship, etc., is also fundamental.

In crisis situations, cooperatives have always been at the forefront with lucidity, audacity and determination. Today, thanks to their inherent solidarity, unity and pioneering spirit, they continue to generate powerful ideas for the benefit of all.

Let us continue to communicate, to share relevant information, to appeal to the responsibility and sensibility of the entire cooperative movement.

I wish you all the strength and courage to face this troubled period.

Ariel Guarco