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Co-op Story: COVID-19

Co-op Story: COVID-19

In these testing times, consumer co-operatives stay true to their values of self-help and solidary to reinforce their success in serving and protecting consumer-members and their local communities.

In its long history, spanning more than three centuries, the co-operative movement has established itself as a source of strength, stability and success particularly in times of hardship and challenges due to its unwavering adherence to values and ethics such as co-operation, self-responsibility, self-help, solidarity and care for others.

Today, we bring you the inspiring partnership between Central Cooperative Union – Bulgaria and Coop Italy.

Principle VI is not anything new for these two organisations, as they have closely collaborated for the past several years. Driven by solidarity, they have yet again joined efforts. In spite of the very difficult situation in their country, Italy’s consumer co-operatives supported CCU-Bulgaria for the timely delivery of disinfectants and cleaning detergents to be provided to the co-operative organisations throughout Bulgaria, together with the most essential goods with COOP brand, to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bulgaria.

Watch the video story here. 

Local co-operatives have the opportunity to place an order online for any of these or other items through the CCU Platform COOP Care, which also serves as a database where they provide daily updates concerning the COVID-19 situation in their region or community, such as number of infections, hospitalised and quarantined persons. 

CCU encourages its members, employees and customers to be responsible together. The national information campaign aims to urge society to follow the recommendations of the national authorities for social distancing, personal hygiene and individual behaviour prioritising the collective well-being and safety of the community. 

As the CCU slogan states:

“All together we can do more!”, or “Всички заедно можем повече!“