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CCU Bulgaria: International Day of Cooperatives

CCU Bulgaria: International Day of Cooperatives

4 July 2020

98th ICA International Cooperative Day

26th UN International Day of Cooperative

Cooperatives for Climate Action

On the occasion of the 2020 International Day of Cooperatives, CCU-Bulgaria launched several initiatives to promote the COOP Marque among civil society around the country.  

Firstly, a dedicated campaign with visuals, developed by CCU-Bulgaria, which will promote not only the International Day (4 July), but also the overarching theme of 2020 in Bulgaria, which celebrates the 130th anniversary of the cooperative movement in Bulgaria and 125th Anniversary of International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). 

Secondly, an environmentally-focused campaign “Cooperatives for a Better World” with which CCU-Bulgaria will deliver to all its regional and local cooperatives a set of recycling waste bin bags for paper, glass and plastic. All funds generated by the campaign will be used to purchase the eight most essential COOP branded products (rice, sugar, sunflower oil, flour, beans, vinegar, salt and pasta), which will be donated to disadvantaged people in Bulgaria.