Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW)

CCW President Address - International Coops Day

CCW President Address - International Coops Day

International Day of Cooperatives

 - 4 July  2020 - 

Consumer cooperatives are frontrunners in their efforts towards climate action, because they abide by the three pillars of sustainability - environmental, economic and social. 

We always challenge ourselves in elevating to new heights our concern for the community and maximization of benefits to members and society. Be it through shortening our supply chains, optimising our product packaging, boosting in-store energy efficiency, supporting our suppliers to achieve our stringent environmental standards, or informing our 75 million consumer-members about responsible shopping habits and the footprint of their shopping baskets, our 27 national organisations propel the cooperative difference and make a more sustainable, fair and greener world!

We cannot do it alone. This is why we call upon policymakers to implement adequate legal and policy frameworks conducive to the co-operative model so that we could maximise our potential and contribution to society! 

With co-operative greetings, 

Prof. Petar Stefanov
CCU President
CCW President
ICA Board Member