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130 Years of Cooperative Movement in Bulgaria

130 Years of Cooperative Movement in Bulgaria

2020 was historically destined to pass under the auspices of the 130th Anniversary of the cooperative movement in Bulgaria.

This is a year for which we have planned many national and international events aimed at emphasizing the co-op movement’s pivotal role in working for the people, albeit the economic vicissitudes.

CCU-Bulgaria made efforts to seek opportunities to compensate at least a small portion of what the pandemic took away.

In March 2020, at the very beginning of the pandemic, the Central Cooperative Union signed with the U Automobile Plant “URAL” a contract for the manufacturing and delivery of 10 vehicles serving as mobile retail units and 1 vehicle outfitted as a healthcare medical unit.


Their purpose is the delivery of essential goods and provision of mobile health care services to the population living in remote, high mountain and small settlements. This is a revolutionary project of socio-economic importance with no precedent in Bulgaria in recent history.  

During the celebratory meeting of the CCU Board on the occasion of the Anniversary, Prof. Petar Stafanov, President of Central Cooperative Union, officially presented the start of this new trade development project and proudly stated:

The historical experience and rich traditions of the Bulgarian cooperative movement demonstrate that cooperatives are and will be an important social and economic phenomenon not only in Bulgaria, but in Europe and the world.

Read the Press Release here.


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