Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW)

CCW Celebrates CoopsDay!

CCW Celebrates CoopsDay!

International Day of Cooperatives

 - 3 July  2021 - 

All businesses have been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic but this crisis has separated cooperatives from conventional businesses when it comes to retaining workers.

Moreover, consumer co-operatives persevered in spite of finding themselves on the frontline and maintained their unwavering commitment to their mission of serving their 75,000,000 consumer-members worldwide and their local communities! 

We are drivers of sustainability by engaging the consumers in embracing responsible consumption, by optimising our internal operations to achieve the green transition and by establishing long-term partnerships across our value chains to develop and support local economies and revitalise rural areas. 

As such, Cooperatives are best placed to #RebuildBetterTogether and help build a more resilient, people-focussed economy. 

With co-operative greetings, 

Prof. Petar Stefanov
CCU President
CCW President
ICA Board Member