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CCU-Bulgaria Hosts ICA Board

CCU-Bulgaria Hosts ICA Board

The leaders of the global co-operative movement convened for the ICA Board meeting in Sofia, hosted by CCU-Bulgaria from 7 to 9 March, 2023. This is the second time the ICA is hosted by CCU.

At the invitation of CCU and CCW President prof. Petar Stefanov, the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev was the honorary guest at the meeting. In his welcome address to the ICA Board directors, he stated: "...We, in Bulgaria, look with hope to the co-operative model, because in challenging times, when not only the business community, but also the state itself withdrew from small remote settlements, it was the co-operatives which continued to be among the people and to serve the local communities". The President of the Republic of Bulgaria was joined by the Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev who also adhered to the significance of co-ops in the agriculture and production sectors.

On the occasion of March 8 - International Women's Day, the CCU and CCW President Prof. Stefanov handed all women Board directors a commemorative souvenir with a wish to strengthen the role and participation of women in the governing bodies of the global cooperative movement.

The ICA Board also had the opportunity to carry out several field visits to co-op enteprises and to learn about the latest developments of the Bulgarian consumer co-operative movement. They visited the specialized Rehabilitation Hospital "Zdrave", the mineral bottling and tea production plant "Gorna Banya" and the trade and logistics center COOP.

The ICA Board of Directors adopted the agenda and materials for the upcoming ICA General Assembly to be held on 28 June 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.