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iCoop Provides Organic Anticancer Food

iCoop Provides Organic Anticancer Food

iCoop Steps Up Social Responsibility and Healthy Eating by Providing Organic Anticancer Food to the Anticancer Diet of Doban Hospital of Korean Medicine


iCoop held hands with ‘Doban Hospital of Korean Medicine’, a cancer-specialized Eastern medical hospital in Seoul, for a project to improve the diet in the hospital for cancer patients.

Doban Hospital of Korean Medicine has paid attention to phytochemicals, the core of organic anticancer food produced by iCoop. iCoop has developed ‘anticancer food’ that raises the phytochemical level of existing primary agricultural products to a level above a certain level. The mutual consensus that nutritional balance in the body is closely related to immunity and that diet is also part of treatment led to this collaboration. 

As a result, iCOOP started supplying agricultural products rich in phytochemicals to the hospital last June. Organic anticancer foods became food ingredients for anticancer diets that help improve the body’s immune environment and patients’ resilience, as well as balanced nutrient intake.

The sales manager of iCoop, who led this collaboration, said, “There is no specified answer in anticancer diet, but if it is a balanced diet composed of anticancer foods with high phytochemical levels, we could call it an anticancer diet.” He added that he hopes the healthy iCoop food can help cancer patients.