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Preliminary Report on Consumer Cooperatives’ Propositions for the International Year 2012

Preliminary Report on Consumer Cooperatives’ Propositions for the International Year 2012



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2012 - International Year of Cooperatives

 Preliminary Report on  Consumer Cooperatives’ Propositions for the International Year


1.   Introduction

With the International Year of Co-operatives 2012 (IYC) fast approaching it is now time to start planning our efforts to truly take advantage of the opportunities presented by this platform of celebration. This report will highlight current CCW and Euro Coop members’ and other cooperative organisations’ propositions for activities throughout 2012 whilst also suggesting guidelines for areas and themes of celebration and possible initiatives for members to take forward into their own planning.IYC-LOGO-EN

2012 represents a pinnacle moment for co-operatives, a chance to not only look back in celebration of our achievements, but also to look forward in anticipation of the opportunities that this international year presents. A global light will be shone on co-operatives in 2012 in recognition of the social and economic benefits they have been proven to demonstrate, using this light we must spread the message of co-operative ethics and values based business models to highlight the belief that ‘co-operative enterprises build a better world’.

Consumer co-operatives especially, are positioned to play a fundamental role in delivering the IYC message. With millions of customers, members and employees coming into daily contact with consumer co-operatives it is essential that initiatives are developed to utilise their role to effectively communicate our message and reach as many people as possible.

This preliminary report draws from early planning stages of a range of CCW and Euro Coop members and other cooperative organisations up to February 2011. Therefore, it is not a final report and it only provides limited information from those organisations that have already started their planning procedures. The objective is to share information and supply a range of possible initiatives, to kick off planning and preparations for the international year and provide the basis for further updates following greater development of propositions.

The IYC 2012 is drawing closer, now is the time to start planning so we may take full advantage of this momentous opportunity and together see co-operatives globally strengthen, improve and grow.

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