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Report 2012 - Climate change and consumer co-operatives

Report 2012 - Climate change and consumer co-operatives

Climate change and consumer co-operatives:

Taking the challenge forward - Report 2012


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Climate ChangeThe fight against climate change continues to be a priority for consumer co-operatives around the world. Despite the serious economic and financial crises, consumer co-operatives are well aware that the challenges posed by climate change will not disappear and will continue to grow and that they must continue to find solutions even in a very difficult economic context.

This report illustrates the initiatives of several consumer co-operatives in different areas linked to tackling climate change. This being our second edition, we considered it important to also illustrate the progress made in 2011 on initiatives already described in our first report. Its objective is not to provide a complete description of all the activities that our members carry out and contribute to mitigate the effects of climate change, but rather to provide examples of good practices. In fact, besides the ones contained in this report, there are many more initiatives undertaken by consumer co-operatives at different levels and in many countries around the world.

It is important to mention that the fight against climate change is only one part of the picture. Indeed, consumer co-operatives have a holistic view of sustainability in line with their values, based on three pillars: economy, society and environment. Our engagement, and especially that of our members, follows in this direction, making sure that all three relevant aspects are taken into consideration, and not only the environmental issues.

This report aims at showcasing good practices and, by doing so, to encourage other organisations, companies and public authorities to be more ambitious in developing their own. We also hope that public authorities, in particular, will have the chance to realise once more the co-operative difference and commitment. We would like to see this translated into active recognition and policies to support the activities of consumer co-operatives.

You are invited to look for more information about this and other topics related to sustainability on our website.

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