Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW)

CCW Members Meeting Elects new Executive Committee 2016-2018

CCW Members Meeting Elects new Executive Committee 2016-2018

The bi-annual elections Members’ Meeting of Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW) was held on 11 November 2015, within the framework of the International Co-operative Alliance General Assembly and Annual Conference, in Antalya, Turkey.

CCW’s membership convened and discussed the following agenda:

  1. Adoption of draft Agenda

  2. Approval of the draft Minutes of the 2013 Members’ Meeting

  3. Elections for President and Executive Committee 2016-2018

  4. Activity Reports: Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe

  5. Draft Activity Plan & Budget 2016: Preliminary Discussions

Naturally, the meeting’s main objectives included a full review of the Executive Committee’s past 2013-2015 mandate, and subsequently, the election of a new leadership for the next two years.

The meeting’s quorum was guaranteed by the strong presence of members, as follows: out of a total 25 members, 17 confirmed their participation, of which 1 did not show up, and 16 were represented – 11 in attendance and 5 via proxies. CCW Members’ Meeting quorums require the presence of 50% of all members. All decisions of the CCW Members’ Meeting are done with simple majority.

Members unanimously elected the new Executive Committee for the mandate 2016-2018 with the following members:





Petar Stefanov, PhD

Central Co-operative Union



Katsumi Asada

Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union



Duncan Bowdler

The Co-operative Group


Executive Committee Member

Illia Gorokhovskyi



Executive Committee Member

Juhani Ilmola

SOK Corporation


Executive Committee Member

Enrico Migliavacca



Executive Committee Member

D.S.K. Pathirana


Sri Lanka

Executive Committee Member


Robynn Shrader, outgoing President, reported on the activities of consumer co-operatives in the Americas for 2013-2015, briefly explaining the general advancements of her own organization - National Co-operative Grocers (USA), as well as those by Coop Obrera (Argentina), and Coop Brazil. Development of own-brand assortments, supply chains, community engagement and loyalty schemes were the main activities in the past two years.

Haruyoshi Amano – Director of International Affairs at JCCU presented the report of the ICA Committee on Consumer Co-operation for Asia-Pacific. The main activities include:

  • Regional Workshop for Managers on the Management of Consumer Co-ops (Singapore)

  • 2 Training Programs for Managers of Consumer Co-ops (Japan)

  • Workshop on Development of Consumer Co-ops (sub-regional, member countires)

  • Consumer Committee meeting and seminar

  • Research and Data Collection.

Todor Ivanov – Secretary General of CCW/Euro Coop reported on the main work done by European consumer co-operatives. These included internal Secretariat optimization, lobby/advocating during the European election (2014), representing the consumer co-operative business model and Euro Coop’s members before the European Institutions, collaborating with other European co-operative associations for sharing of services, thematic events on co-operative governance, own-brands, loyalty programmes, and advocating for the elimination of unfair trading practices along the European Supply Chain.

Looking ahead, members vowed to strengthen the global consumer co-operative family by increasing their participation within CCW by exchange of experience, knowledge, and best practices; as well as through organizing thematic events on significant issues to consumer co-operatives – such as governance, e-commerce, and membership strategies. Of course, there was a consensus for closer alignment of CCW’s activities to the work done by the ICA for the further representation and advocating of the co-operative business model around the world. 

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