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iCOOP Campaign to Reduce Body Burden

iCOOP Campaign to Reduce Body Burden

For three months from April to June, iCOOP conducted the ‘Campaign to Reduce Body Burden’and 472 members participated to reduce the amount of toxic substances accumulated in the body.

For a week, each participant consumed organic food instead of fast or instant food, and changed detergent, cosmetics, and tableware to products without environmental hormones. In addition, to eliminate body burden more efficiently, they practiced new life habits such as drinking sufficient amount of water, washing their hands, cleaning, and allowing more fresh air in their homes.

The result showed an average reduction of 72% in phenols and 21% in phthalates. Particularly, among the phenols, the three kinds of paraben group decreased by 70 ~ 81%, and the substance showing the greatest decrease was 89% in bisphenol A—mostly used for plastic or thermal paper receipt.

Launched in 2017, with total of 967 consumers participating so far, the Body Burden Campaign is scheduled to be held again in the second half of this year.